Bear Market Intelligence is:

Alan J Bear CPP, CPPM

Pluto Dave

Alan serves in executive-level Materials Management roles throughout the United States with experience centering on industrial metals hedging, costing program development, scrap recovery optimization, and fabrication business management.  Alan holds a passion for all things industrial including custom metal fabrication, race car building, and employee training to optimize design for manufacture activities.

Pluto Dave joined the Bear Market team in late 2016 as a recurring economic contributor.  His economic opinions occasionally find their way into national print media.  In addition, his investment portfolio management skills bring a wealth of knowledge and economic prowess wrought from decades in the metals industry. A life-long contrarian, his involvement affords necessary balance enhancing our market forecasting abilities and accuracy.  Look to Pluto for specialized information, tactical insight, and limited consulting availability on industrial materials programming.

The Bear Market team's experiences and leadership will assist your organization's culture in uncovering new bottom line profits through the implementation of data-driven purchasing strategies, material design changes, and informed materials management planning centered around our weekly update publications.