Bear Market Intelligence is:

Alan J Bear CPP, CPPM

Pluto Dave

Alan serves in executive-level Materials Management roles throughout the United States.  Alan's specialty areas center on industrial metals costing program development, scrap recovery optimization, and business management.  Alan holds a passion for custom metal fabrication, race car building, employee training, and design for manufacture activities.

Pluto Dave joined the Bear Market team in late 2016 as a recurring guest economic contributor.  Pluto's expert economic prowess coupled with contrarian views affords a necessary balance enhancing our market forecasting abilities.  Look to Pluto for specialized information, tactical financial insight, and limited availability for industrial materials program consulting.

The Bear Market team's experiences and leadership instruct your organization to uncover hundreds of thousands of dollars in new bottom line profits through helping implement data-driven purchasing strategies, design changes, materials specification changes, cultural changes, and superior materials management planning.